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The Cabezas & Artefactos project is an ethnographic exhibition about the different social actors and materials that coexist in the middle of the protest scenario called “Social Outbreak or“ Social Revolt ”, which began in Santiago, Chile on October 18, 2019.

It has a registry of photographs, videos and a compilation of oral accounts, as well as a field work to collect objects and vestiges of the mobilizations. All this materiality rescued on the ground is inventoried and was collected in a territorial perimeter that has as its axis the Plaza Baquedano / Italia / Dignidad.

The sample is limited in time terms from Friday 10/18/2019 to Thursday 07/15/2021.






Recording Minutes


Rescued Artifacts


The name Cabezas & Artefactos project, beyond the pun with my paternal surname, is to symbolically indicate that the most serious injuries that the protesters had have been to their heads, (particularly to their eyes).

Injuries that caused your death or irreparable damage, in most cases permanent.

The concept of artifacts is positioned by remembering Nicanor Parra in being a collector of these units … artifacts of control / repression, resistance (defense), rebellion (attack), artifacts of struggle, it is about giving value and resignifying these objects and vestiges in a context of protest and mobilization in three stages: before, during and after.

The objects and artifacts alone may not say much, but if we give them a meaning within the context and dynamics of the Revolt / Outbreak / Social they give us a history in permanent construction.


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